The Mission

This video offers an illustration of the mission of the Prelature of Ayaviri.

The need for the evangelization in the Prelature of Ayaviri is immense. The territory is vast, the communities are dispersed, and the hunger for God runs deep within the people. With such a vast horizon and comparatively few modern day apostles, the needs of the community continue to outweigh our current meager human resources. In short, the inmensity of the mission requires the help of others from outside the Prelature of Ayaviri.

The needs of the Prelature are both humanitarian and spiritual in nature.  It is a beautiful territory that includes stunning countryside.  That is contrasted, though, with very harsh living conditions.  The material poverty that is known to most in the region leaves them vulnerable to those difficult conditions of the environment. However, the gravest poverty the people experience is cultural and spiritual in nature.

On a spiritual level, many have inherited a mix of Catholicism with contradictory beliefs and practices.  As a result, they are in need of help in purifying and gaining a better understanding of their faith. On a moral level, several behaviors that are confused in their thinking which are also known as “anti-values”, are commonplace among the natives.  This causes the greatest suffering and is at the base of the material distress. The absence of education is largely responsible for this poverty, as formation in the virtues and principles that make good communities is largely unavailable.

In these challenges lies the adventure and — for many — the vocation. Some individuals experience apostolic zeal as an inclination to evangelize what are, for them, different and unknown lands. Truly, Christ commanded: “Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). God’s call to this epic mission has led Catholics from around the world to dedicate their lives, either in its entirety or a portion of it, to the people of Ayaviri so that they may hear God’s voice and see His face. These generous missionaries will always be welcome to realize God’s Plan for them here within our community.