The future of any community lies in its youth. The people of the High Andes recognize this and most willingly offer what resources they have for the education their children. Unlike many countries, the public school system in Peru is notorious for providing poor education. In the lack of education lies a great deficiency and the source of many difficulties for the people. Bishop Kay and the Prelature of Ayaviri seek to fill this need by maintaining two strong Catholic parochial schools that offer excellent education.

The Prelature of Ayaviri oversees two parochial schools. Mis Pequeños Angelitos (My Little Angels) in Llalli for kids between the ages of 3-5 years, and. San Francisco de Asís (St. Francis of Assisi) in Ayaviri for ages 6-16. Due to the extreme poverty of many of the families, the education of many of the students is heavily dependent upon donations. Mis Pequeños Angelitos is unable to attend to its students by its own budget alone, and San Francisco de Asís provides financial aid to 25% of about two-hundred students. All of this is made possible by the generous donations of others. Thus the schools make possible the education which opens a more positive future and new horizons to children and teens who would normally be unable to receive them.

For the youth to be given a chance at true greatness, being intelligent is not enough. The human person is made up of not just a mind, but also of a spirit and a body. If we are to educate these children, their entire person must be educated without exception. Only thus will the youth of the region be prepared to realize who they are called to be, and only thus will Ayaviri experience the authentic development that it needs and desires.